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can you make it up?

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macquille-moi is a rating community based in winnipeg, canada. we rate based on ability to apply make-up (on yourself, more than others), the choice of colours you used based on your features and complexion, etc. you also have to be decent looking. we're not asking for the next kate moss, but uh... we think you can use your own judgement. this isn't a joke, so please don't send in any bullshit applications, unless you wanna get your ass told. :)we prefer the use of MAC or any higher-quality make-up, but give bonus points if you use cheaper brands and work them out.

1. please fill out the application fully.
2. at least five pictures of a fully visible face.
3. good examples of different style (eg. daytime, nighttime, glam, etc.)
4. not just eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. although you can downplay certain features.
5. absolutely do not back-talk the mods, or you will be banned.
6. bonus points for complementary hair, clothes!
7. vote & promote frequently. also, update! you were accepted for a reason.
8. if accepted, do not say yes to friends unless they are actually good at applying make-up!
9. do not airbrush in applications. your make-up should speak for itsself.
10. don't be known as the community bitch. don't always say no for no reason, or you're out. be fair.

[11. "Can I Make It Up?" must be subjectline, or it will be auto-deleted.]


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full name:
birthday (including year):
cosmetics job experience:
skin type:
favorite color:
five favorite bands:
five favorite books/movies:
favorite type of make-up (eg mascara):
favorite brand of cosmetics:
favorite celeb make-up:
make-up tip: